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The digidock LAN Disk is designed for home networking or as SOHO file storage servers. Its compact size and small physical footprint makes it easily fit into any location. You can easily plug an external USB hard disk of any size or an USB flash
drive into its USB 2.0 interface. You can use the Backup Manager to schedule full incremental, or synchronization backup to and from the network drives.

LAN Disk LD-5100
The digidockˇ¦s LN-5100 is a networking Hard Disk which can be accessed through the 802.3u RJ-45 LAN. The major function of the LAN disk is providing the media content for DMA by using the uPnP AV or Http protocol. By using the file management and networking management, LN-5100 can become an off-side Hard Disk of the Personal computer. LD-5100 is multi-function network equipment that includes the following functions: file server, ftp server, four port switch (RJ-45). LN-5100 should be the easy setup equipment in the network.


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