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The digidock portable Net Radio plays your PC digital music files anywhere in the house via Ethernet or Wi-Fi network.ˇV connecting your stereo or powered speakers to your computerˇ¦s digital music library. Or, listen to hundreds of free music from Internet Radio stations, without even turning on your computer.
It supports all popular audio formats, easy to browse, select and control music across the room using the remote control. Enjoy your favorite music wherever you want to listen, digidock Net Radio gives you the freedom and flexibility to tune in to the world.
Net Radio NR-3100
The digidockˇ¦s NR-3100 Network Radio Player acts as a Radio Player, it can playback and process multimedia content and then output the music to embedded speaker or audio equipments.
The NR-3100 Media Player is a home entertainment audio device. It presents music on a speaker and brings new entertainment to the whole family.


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