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AC-2200 is an advanced model of AC-2100 with extra capability of MP3 decoder. It is a device for playing your favorite MP3 format music through FM audio channel in your car. Just adjust your car radio into proper FM channel which should be the same as AC-2100 frequency and put music transmission wire into earphone jack of portable music device and enjoy the MP3 music from the car audio system!

  Tech Spec.....
Input Voltage Cigar Lighter DC+12V~+16V
Rating Current 30mA
Idle Current No Current Consumed
Product Weight 65g
Dimension 144mm x 40mm x 20mm
Frequency 88.3MHz.88.7MHz.88.9MHz
Output Voltage DC +5V ; 500mA
Safety Fuse Max. 0.5A, 250V fuse
  • Wirelessly transmitting voice and music signal to the FM stereo system.
  • Compatible with any audio device that has a standard 3.5mm headphone plug.
  • Accepting MP3 format file through USB connector.
  • Power button for avoiding the unnecessary power consumption, and the POWER LED indicator for power status.
  • 3 bands (88.3, 88.7, 88.9MHz) selection for better audio quality.
  • Using car DC power (12V). Battery is not required.
  • Additional USB +5V power source provided (not available for I Pod 3G / Photo / mini / Shuffle charging )
  • Easy installation and simple use.
  • Flexible adjustment joint for using in cars.
  • Fuse function for safety use.
  • Suitable length of audio filament.
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